The University of Pennsylvania’s Talent Search Program is a federally-funded TRIO Program designed to help eligible students complete high school and enroll in postsecondary school. The Program provides 600 students at West Phildelphia’s Beeber Middle School and Overbrook High School with support services that instill within them a college-going culture and promote the academic and personal development necessary for entry into higher education institutions. Per federal regulations, two thirds of Program participants must be both low-income and potential first-generation college students.

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The Provost Summer Mentorship Program is an innovative four-week program geared to inspire first generation underrepresented minority students in Philadelphia to view higher education as an achievable goal. Students attending this program will have the opportunity to participate in Penn’s five professional schools (Dental Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Medicine, and Law). Over the course of the program, high school students gain first hand exposure to an academic discipline and the opportunity to explore a variety of career opportunities.

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Through a series of integrated programs, pathways and partnerships, SMPPLUS  provides an educational pipeline that supports emerging scholars in the Philadelphia School District in their quest to succeed academically, from the pre-college level through matriculation into institutions of higher education.

(Please Note: SMP is a prerequisite for SMP PLUS)


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The University of Pennsylvania High School Upward Bound Program is a college preparatory program designed to motivate and prepare students in the program for the successful pursuit of a four-year college education. The goal of the program is to increase the rate at which low-income, first-generation-to-college students enroll in and graduate from a college or university with a bachelor’s degree. The mission of the program is to provide high school students in grades 9th � 12th, at the identified high schools, with academic, career and cultural enrichment resources and programming to assist students to graduate from high school and increase the rate at which low income, first generation college students matriculate and graduate from post secondary institutions.


Upward Bound Math Science works to help low-income and first-generation-to-college high school students recognize and develop their potential to excel in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Upward Bound Math and Science program services include: summer programs with intensive math, science, writing and language training; year-round counseling, advisement and academic support services; exposure to research; education or counseling services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy of students; and assistance with application to competitive post-secondary institutions leading to bachelor’s degree in a STEM related discipline.

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